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Cables And Partners: You Have A Choice

The world is full of cable assemblies and wire harnesses. Yes, these simple and colorful wires are generally undetectable or unnoticed. From watches, water heaters, and sub-stations to automobiles, jumbo jets, and space satellites—our lives and our futures are impacted by these products. Now, when I see cable assemblies and wire harnesses, I see opportunities. It has become an instinctive reaction, as I am always asking who’s making and assembling (in-house or outsourcing) these products?

I have seen many manufacturing facilities during my short tenure in contract manufacturing. What I love the most about this industry is the people and the entrepreneurial spirit. The media will reinforce that manufacturing is not coming back, but I would honestly disagree. Manufacturing is thriving within the United States. I see unlimited prototypes with an abundance of companies created from small organizations (<25/people) to multi-national corporations. If you would like to see a world that touches many industries and nations, I would assuredly push you to electrical/contract manufacturing.

The one thing that I commonly hear is, “you cannot compete against Mexico and China.” Yes, price is generally the driving factor, but is it the only factor? What about quality (not a given), lead time, and customer service? One thing I have learned about business is that it’s always about the relationship. The customers may not always be right (Stanley Marcus would adamantly disagree) but, can I hold myself accountable to do everything humanly possible to deliver above and beyond? You bet! If a customer needs something by end-of-day and I must drive a few hundred miles to deliver the final product, I will make it happen and personally deliver with a smile. Why? Because it is about the passion to win and creating customers for life.

When you buy from AssembleTronics, you are trusting us to protect your brand. If something were to fail, the end-user will blame you, not your vendor(s). Therefore, you want a trusted partner, not another vendor. The partnership is like a marriage. We are committed to protecting your brand, because, in our eyes, we are its caretaker.

Our mission is “protecting stakeholder brands while delivering an unmatched, extraordinary experience.” Is this something we just say, or do we truly live and breathe it? In my opinion, we live and breathe it every moment. If this was not true, why would I associate my brand with an organization that conflicts with my personal values?

Finally, cable assemblies and wire harnesses seem like simple commodities to the average person. But, when I see them incorporated into a device, it’s like looking at a masterpiece. This quote from Michelangelo simply states how I feel, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Perfecto!

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