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ATRON / Blog  / Manufacturing Services Partner (MSPs): How to Choose One

Manufacturing Services Partner (MSPs): How to Choose One

What is a MSP?

Custom manufacturing service companies (MSPs) provide turnkey fabrication, assembly and integration services of hardware, custom plastics components, custom metal components, electrical, electronic and mechanical components into systems and sub-systems. These products can be stand-alone, inside enclosures or skid-mounted.

MSPs go by many names and identify themselves as Equipment Integrators (Packagers), Industrial Automation and Controls, Wire Harness Manufactures, Precision Metal Fabricators, and several others.

The very best MSPs provide a broad range of services and are often industry agnostic, meaning they can work seamlessly across different trade categories.

For businesses that have implemented, or are looking to implement an outsourcing strategy, choosing the right contract manufacturer to serve as their MSP is critical. Whether the need is for sub-assemblies, sub-systems, piece parts or full integration, choose a partner who has capacity, a proven process, the right capabilities, great talent and a demonstrated commitment to quality.

Choosing your Manufacturing Services Partner

When you outsource any portion of manufacturing services, you are taking a leap of trust. Your reputation is at stake and so is your company’s brand. MSPs vary in terms of capacity, process, people, capabilities, and approach to quality. Dive deep in your conversations to understand your MSP’s approach to the aforementioned factors.

Need a manufacturer you can trust?

Tell us about your project and start a relationship of trust and reliability.

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