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CNG & NGV Compression

CNG Compression

CNG & NGV Compression

ATRON Group, one of the most important companies in the CNG industry for over 30 years with more than 5,000 compressor packages in operation in 40 countries, proudly offers a full line of high-pressure compressors and complete refueling stations.

ATRON Group (in conjunction with our partner Aspro) manufactures a full range of air-cooled high-pressure NGV compressors.

These rugged, multistage compressors are available in many configurations to suit various inlet and discharge pressures and volumes. Their modern design and up-to-date technology are a result of 30 years in the NGV industry and ensure optimum performance and reliability.

The packaging of these compressors and other associated NGV station components for the North American market is carried out at ATRON Groups facility in Dallas, Texas. Service for NGV customers is supported through operations located minutes away from DFW airport and centrally located in the US.

Crank Mechanism and Lubrication

  • Application-specific, heavy-duty crankcases are designed to handle high pressure gas compression rod loading providing 20,000 hours of life between rebuilds.
  • Pressurized running gear lubrication is provided by the crankshaft mounted gear-driven, oil pump, to ensure proper lubrication of critical parts.
  • Point to point lubrication of rod packings and cylinders provided by secondary crankshaft-driven gear pump, with externally mounted lubricator distribution assembly.


  • The cylinder is made of high-quality cast iron for ruggedness and durability.
  • The pistons are manufactured of aluminum alloy or cast iron and incorporate specially selected cast iron or engineered non-metallic piston ring combinations.
  • Lubrication system for precise point-to-point control


  • The valves have been designed especially for the severe conditions which occur in high-pressure gas compressors.
  • Suction and discharge valves of the individual stages are located in such a way that they can be easily removed.
  • Valve lift, spring characteristics and the material of the plates are chosen according to the gases which will be compressed and the operating conditions of the system.

Storage Vessels

  • ASME – Spheres, Tubes
  • DOT

Gas Dryers

  • Suitable for use on natural gas systems


  • High-Pressure Industrial Gas Design
  • Horizontally-opposed, balanced cylinder design.
  • Application Proven Durability


  • UL 508 Listed Shop
  • In-house Programming and Support
  • Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Capabilities


  • API ASME Code, If needed
  • National Board Registration
  • Highly Efficient 18ºF Approach


  • Application Engineered Products
  • Proven Standardized Design
  • Delta Compression, (Aspro) Manufactured Critical Components

Associated Components

  • Priority and ESD Systems
  • Time Fill Posts
  • Time Fill Controls
  • De-fueling Systems

Fully Electronic Dispensers

  • High Hose Profile
  • High Flow Rating
  • Dual and Single Hose Arrangements
  • Dispenser Card Reader and Video Capability
  • Proven Petroleum Industrial Electronics
  • Advanced Technology Sequencing Control
  • Microprocessor Control

What sets ATRON Group and Aspro apart? Our mutual beliefs that to excel we must provide the best possible know-how and technology in ways that our customers value. Whether we’re fully supporting existing products or advancing technology through innovation, we constantly focus on customer needs.

ATRON Group follows a world-class method of doing business, growing from ongoing interaction, long-term relationships, and a commitment to understanding each customer’s process and objectives. As a result, every alternative fueling solution we create helps a customer operate with greater efficiency, economy, and productivity.

Satisfying customer needs effectively makes ATRON Group the leading alternative energy equipment manufacturer. We will continue to attract new business through our unwavering conviction to creating products and ideas that help our customers succeed.