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Data Centers

Data Centers

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When it comes to data centers 100% uptime and warehouse organization is essential. ATRON Group fulfills these criterion by providing top of the line switchgear power to ensure you always are up and running. Also, our custom designed “utility relay racks” allow for speed and organization of equipment initial  installation.

Be it custom or high-volume data center equipment and technology ATRON Group fills our customers’ needs by producing targeted solutions. We are the experts of design, assembly, packaging, delivery, commissioning, and field service solutions all around the world.

Critical Power

ATRON Group’s critical power systems ensure continuous power and the provision of rotary UPS, static UPS and generator back-up power in the event of a utility failure.  ATRON’s key competency is to design, build, and deliver fully customized medium and low voltage switchgear and switchboards, on-time, fully tested, pre-configured, and ready for immediate operation, in industry-best lead times.

ATRON Group is a AS9100 Certified company to ensure that all of our customers receive nothing but perfection. Everything we create goes through a rigorous quality checking process to make sure everything is in tip-top working order and will continue to be far into the future. Nothing leaves our doors unless it is flawless.