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Motor Starters

ATRON / Motor Starters

Motor starters

ATRON Provides integrated custom motor controls from the top brands. With a quick call or email, we can quickly compare pricing from the industry’s best components and build your system.


Motor controllers and electrical motor components serve a variety of purposes and applications. ATRON can meet any motor starting requirement thanks to its vast vendor network.

Motor controllers

Motor control is a device or collection of machines that aid in the operation of a motor. The components can start or stop the engine in manual and automated modes. The motor controls may also activate the motor in forwarding or backward motion, regulate speed and torque, and safeguard against electrical faults.

A controller of some kind is present in all electrical motors, and a standard switch that links an engine to its power supply is a basic example of a motor control device. Depending on the application’s complexity, you may need several electrical motor parts to complete the system.

Motor Starters

If you have a little motor, you may start it by plugging the electrical switch into a socket and turning on the power switch. Larger engines necessitate the use of a motor starter, which is a specialized switching mechanism used to power an electric motor.

Relays and overload heaters

These are used to protect motors against current overloads that cause overheating, irreparable damage, and service disruption. They employ a bimetallic strip, which warms up in the event of an overcurrent. The motor is then stopped by the tripped auxiliary connections to prevent further damage.



When building a starter for your project, it is essential to protect all the components that are utilized. ATRON builds custom enclosures to satisfy any need.

motorstarters.com is a legacy brand of ATRON Group

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We are the easiest way to create, order, and price compare the motor controls you need for any project.

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