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Controls & Automation

Controls & Automation

Controls & Automation

With decades of combined experience on staff, ATRON Group provides custom control systems, utilizing the latest PLC & HMI equipment. ATRON will provide the appropriate solution to any of your control system needs.

With a client-centered mentality to doing business, we meet with each of our customers one-on-one to pinpoint critical needs for control systems applications and develop cost-effective solutions to remedy them. Our Custom Control Systems and HMI/SCADA systems will be tailor-made to address the unique demands of your application.

A trusted resource for every stage

Whether your application requires a small PLC for machine control or a plant-wide control, SCADA supervisory system, ATRON can fulfill your needs. Our team can oversee the project as a whole, or provide products and/or services for any part.

  • Design and Engineering: Both PLC and HMI/SCADA systems must be designed and engineered in a consistent fashion so they are recognizable to all end users. The users should be able to look at them and not struggle to comprehend any of the information.
  • Project Management: We take a consultative approach to designing your custom control system. Our team is able to take your project from concept to design and then to production.
  • Training: With any system we build, our team trains your personnel so that they are comfortable with using, diagnosing issues and recommending additions to the system.

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