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ATRON Group supports and services, process automation enabling technology, to leading OEMs. We have deep experience in switches, controls, remote I/O, sensors, actuation, and human-machine interface (HMI) technology. The span of our experience and capabilities helps industrial OEMs increase productivity and reduce cost. As a relationship-driven partner, ATRON Group offers high-value services that can provide start-to-finish solutions.


Today, ATRON Group is helping hundreds of the world’s top OEMs implement and improve their returns through:

Controls & Automation

With decades of combined experience on staff, ATRON Group provides custom control systems, utilizing the latest PLC & HMI equipment. ATRON will provide the appropriate solution to any of your control system needs.


CNG/NGV Compressor Packages

ATON provides complete natural gas compression packages for CNG/NGV fuel station applications.  ATRON’s compressor systems are capable of utilizing a wide range of gas supply pressures and can be specifically tailored to meet the output requirement of the application.  There are over 4,000 Aspro compressors that are used in our ATRON compression systems operating today in more than 38 countries worldwide.  Depend on ATRON to provide a compressor system that is proven, reliable, and cost effective for natural gas fueling applications.


CNG/NGV Station Equipment

ATRON is your total solution source for all the components required for a CNG/NGV installation.  ATRON can provide and support the Natural Gas Dryers, Storage, Dispensing, and Fuel Management equipment required of your application.  ATRON works directly with all the major suppliers of these systems and has over 34 years of experience in the CNG/NGV business to ensure the right component for your requirement.

Industrial Gas Compressor Packages

ATRON builds some of the best high-pressure compressors available on the market today. You can count on us to furnish a unit that will run 24/7 and service your needs for many years to come. Helium, Hydrogen, and breathing air are just a few of the gases that we compress.


Industrial Gas Auxiliary Packages

Oil Removal Skids, Dryers, Pressure Let-down Units, and Controls are all examples of the auxiliary equipment related to the Industrial Gas market that ATRON can provide.